What's with guys not being able to compliment women anymore?

I brought this up with a friend of the family and she was confused and thought (like I did) that it was still OK to compliment a woman about something about her. I complimented her and she appreciated it.

My wife and daughter think differently however. They said that it's not ok for a guy to compliment any woman on pretty much anything. Looks, clothing, hair, shoes, ... Anything.

I was re-watching "Only Murders in the Building" (Season One) with my wife and daughter and this same topic came up.

From the show:

You need to relax, okay? Just have fun. Laugh. Flirt.

Isn't it insulting to flirt now?

Well, who the hell knows?

Suddenly, it's rude to tell a secretary she looks pretty in a pair of slacks.

No. To that whole sentence.

Oliver: Compliment her purse. If it isn't on their body, you can like it.

No. Again, to every word that's coming out of your mouth.