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Kindle hacking

I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with e-paper devices I think.

I love that they’re low-power and only require power when the page changes! Why don’t they make a linux machine with an xterm as the primary interface that only uses e-paper and has a runtime of weeks instead of hours?!? I’d love one of those to be honest.

I bought a non-working kindle DX (the big kind) at a garage sale for $10 last summer. Turns out that the battery was dead and the Wi-Fi/3g network doesn’t work anymore (not supported because all the 3g networks are gone now).

Solution: new battery for $8 (easy install) and hack the Kindle OS, so I can side-load books onto it.

End result: I can read books on a nice, big kindle now, and it cost me $18 and some time.

Custom cover page option was part of the Kindle hack. I made the actual cover page in Gimp on Linux.

the others

The Kindle keyboard 6” model (middle).

The Xiaomi Inkpalm 5 (right) which is an awesome Android e-ink device that has a fantastic battery life, but android loves to ‘scroll’ things in apps, which requires the e-ink display to do multiple updates when it could only do one. Android needs an option to just scroll one page at a time with a single refresh instead of smooth scrolling. Sorry android, your pretty scrolling feature that you’ve been working on perfecting for a decade now, isn’t good for e-ink displays. Sorry.


All devices have been modified to be more user-friendly and/or work when purposefully bricked by their original developer.

E paper PDA

I bought an e-paper arduino device that has buttons, wifi, bluetooth and a pretty slick e-paper display on it. The arduino even supports micropython!

I worked with the Chinese devs and printed out a case for it using my 3D printer and really wanted to make a working PDA from this unit.

But in the end, I ended up going a different direction. :(