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Moon lander game

I remembered that when I was a kid, one of the first video games that I ever played was “lunar lander”. Does anyone remember that game? Black and white vector graphics? Very asteroid-esque? I figured that if I wanted to write a video game, I’d start simple, so I decided to start with a lunar-lander-type game to start with.

I wanted it to be 3D (because I like 3D games), so I decided to build a base “lander” using “blender” (because blender is free and works well with the Unity object exporters). Also, I wanted other people to play it without having to install it, so I used Unity’s webgl exporter to build it into a 3D web application that anyone could run.

It didn’t take too long to make an environment for it and get basic physics working with it.

I wanted to make bouncy legs (like with shock absorbers) because I was thinking if I was a passenger in the lander, I’d like a nice, soft landing compared to the rigid landing legs that I had been using.

Also, I found a nurbs modelling package which I used to make a more smooth lander (inspired by the SpaceX passenger capsule that they use to bring people back from the International Space Station nowadays) and made the ground a little more Moon-y:

I wanted to play with making a mobile version of it, so I added buttons.

Of course, I didn’t save the project anywhere and I don’t have the final WebGL version of it anywhere, so all I have is memories.