The day i started sitting

Today I sat.

I sat a lot.

I quite enjoyed it.

People should try sitting. It's way better than standing.

Those people at work with standing desks... They're just trying to fool you into thinking that they're healthy. They're really miserable. Sitting is so much better.

Your ass is natural padding that your body made just for you. Naturally, it has evolved over time to encourage sitting and make sitting as comfortable as possible. Your feet aren't naturally filled with fat to make standing comfortable. The whole shoe industry is painfully aware that standing is horribly painful and is rolling in the cash because of it!

I really don't like standing. Standing in line. Standing guard. Standing ovations. Blech. Who needs 'em. :)

So, let's all just say, "no" to big-shoe!

Sit and be comfortable, I say!