Oh my god, the crowds!

By | June 23, 2017

Heading off to AWS Re:Invent 2017 this year?  Be prepared to battle crowds like you’ve never seen before!

This year, Amazon will hold their 2017 Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas and will have more than 1000 sessions for attendees to fight over and sit on the ground during!  Yes, you too can sign up now (although hotel rooms in the Venetian were already sold out for the entire stay already on registration day) and sleep in a hotel across the street or even a half mile away from the conference hotel.

The Venetian only will hold a few sessions (300-400), so the majority of the sessions will be in other hotels.  Yea!  Let’s cross the Las Vegas Strip with thousands of other nerds searching for the next session/class in 15 minutes before it starts!

If you try *really* hard you’ll be able to attend around 20 sessions all week long, so remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd6MoB9NC6uYN2grvUNT-Zg so you can watch the other 980 sessions that you missed.  LOL!

Oh, and don’t forget about the cozy rides up and down the escalators from session-to-session!

Don’t worry, the escalators are probably built pretty well and won’t fail under the load of thousands and thousands of over-fed, under-exercised nerds trying to get a decent seat so they don’t have to sit on the floor at the next session…

And don’t forget the all-roomy and spacious vendor hall where people can scream questions at some vendors screaming back at you about how they’re using AWS in new and exciting ways!