Steve Webb joins CoinTopia as technical consultant; will focus on infrastructure

Famed sysadmin and system engineer Steve Webb announced this afternoon that he has been hired by blockchain ICO broker as a technical consultant focused on infrastructure and backend technologies. He starts Nov 1st according to inside sources. It’s unclear whether or not Steve will be working from the San Francisco headquarters or his longtime… Read More »

HOWTO: Docker Swarm Insecure Private Registry

In this scenario, I wanted to run my own local repository without any bullshit ssh auth (it’s in my own house and not for my job so I can do whatever the fuck I want to) and store the repository data on my SAN (mounted as /data on all docker nodes).  The host docker01 is… Read More »

Oh my god, the crowds!

Heading off to AWS Re:Invent 2017 this year?  Be prepared to battle crowds like you’ve never seen before! This year, Amazon will hold their 2017 Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas and will have more than 1000 sessions for attendees to fight over and sit on the ground during!  Yes, you too can sign up now… Read More »

System Fusion in Northern Colorado

147.525 megahertz is the channel that I use in Northern Colorado 2 listen for people in group mode using system fusion. So if you’re in the boulder Longmont Loveland area and you have a Yaesu radio capable of system Fusion I suggest you turn to that frequency and hit your group mode button. I’m not… Read More »

2m & GMRS antenna setup

Last Saturday I mounted my first 2m antenna on the top of my house.  I bought an “Ed Fong” antenna (he teaches amateur radio at a university in California and the antenna are made by his students and sold on ebay to support his class).  Anyway, the placement is about 30′ up from the ground… Read More »