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Jan_12_2013_04:57:36omf_I just tried the tracker site and got a blank page. Is it down?
Jan_12_2013_05:27:10S[h]O[r]Tgodane if you give me the g4tv url list ill download it all
Jan_12_2013_08:17:34godane1i uploaded the list
Jan_12_2013_11:04:58GLaDOSI wouldn't set jizzday up on an autoban list..
Jan_12_2013_12:39:42SketchCowwe are bring back the JSTOR downloader
Jan_12_2013_12:39:48SketchCowfor aaron.
Jan_12_2013_12:40:37SketchCowI believe alard and underscor have the code?
Jan_12_2013_13:09:03alardSketchCow: I must have it somewhere, yes.
Jan_12_2013_13:19:14SketchCowlet's do it.
Jan_12_2013_13:23:03Cameron_Dyes, when I first heard about it I wondered if we'd ever completed the JSTOR stuff
Jan_12_2013_13:23:25Cameron_Dso lets do that
Jan_12_2013_13:44:47SketchCowget the code, prep the bookmarklet. please, someone check if jstor changed tos to address what we are doing.
Jan_12_2013_13:45:08SketchCowill provide a non box access for this.
Jan_12_2013_13:45:50SketchCowAnd after I nap a little, I will write verbiage for the page.
Jan_12_2013_13:47:55GLaDOS(d) undertake any activity such as computer programs that automatically download or export Content, commonly known as web robots, spiders, crawlers, wanderers or accelerators that may interfere with, disrupt or otherwise burden the JSTOR server(s) or any third-party server(s) being used or accessed in connection with JSTOR
Jan_12_2013_13:48:40GLaDOSThe only part in the prohibited activities clause which could conflict.
Jan_12_2013_13:48:46kennethreodd timing
Jan_12_2013_13:48:52Cameron_DWon't be automated, IIRC it was something that had to be manually triggered for each fiile
Jan_12_2013_13:49:06GLaDOSAFAIK, we're ok
Jan_12_2013_13:49:14Cameron_DAt least, bookmarklet implies that
Jan_12_2013_13:53:31SketchCowdid it change? is that old or new info?
Jan_12_2013_13:53:41GLaDOSJust fetched it
Jan_12_2013_13:54:16GLaDOS"he Content can be read online (but not printed or downloaded) as further described in Section 2.1 below."
Jan_12_2013_13:55:27godanei'm capturing thefeed from and its taking a very long time
Jan_12_2013_13:56:06godanethis capture is without the images in it
Jan_12_2013_13:56:27godaneits readly 733mb
Jan_12_2013_13:57:36GLaDOS(f) download or print, or attempt to download or print an entire issue of a journal (unless such entire issue has been purchased through the Publisher Sales Service) or substantial portions of the entire run of a journal, except for the specific case in which the complete contents of a journal issue or a substantial portion of Textual Content (e.g. a series of scholarly essays) is relevant to the particular research
Jan_12_2013_13:57:53GLaDOS(c) incorporate Content into an unrestricted database or website, except that authors or other Content creators may incorporate their Content into such sites with prior permission from the publisher and other applicable rights holders
Jan_12_2013_13:57:57GLaDOSAny of these new?
Jan_12_2013_14:00:33SketchCowcheck wayback
Jan_12_2013_14:03:15GLaDOSNewest version in wayback is may 31
Jan_12_2013_14:03:53GLaDOSWait, mind mixed order of messages up
Jan_12_2013_14:04:21GLaDOSBlocked by robots.txt
Jan_12_2013_14:04:28Cameron_D it won't be in wayback?
Jan_12_2013_14:10:41SketchCowI don't to move too rashly on this. I've done that in the past, not always forgood.
Jan_12_2013_14:11:05SketchCowa part ofmewants to make it so it violates the agreement, so thousands of people commit the felony.
Jan_12_2013_14:11:14SketchCowok, rest
Jan_12_2013_14:11:44Cameron_DYeah, and looknig at point (c) we may not be able to, although there are no past versions of the ToC to compare to
Jan_12_2013_14:59:12balrog_I'm wondering if something exists that just stores any PDFs you're viewing in browser together with a little bit of metadata
Jan_12_2013_15:40:05riordanIs this where OpAaronSW is going down?
Jan_12_2013_15:47:33balrog_to some extent
Jan_12_2013_17:27:13SketchCowI've put a slight waiting period on it to understand the best thing to do.
Jan_12_2013_17:27:43SketchCowBut I want his stuff in away from keyboard on, so we are definitely doing that.
Jan_12_2013_17:45:12riordanSketchCow: totally - thank you man
Jan_12_2013_21:46:13SketchCowOK, so.
Jan_12_2013_21:49:44SketchCow#1. He deleted some sites, before hanging himself.
Jan_12_2013_21:49:49SketchCow#2. Making a collection now.
Jan_12_2013_21:50:07SketchCow#3. Soooooo angry still, but running out of people to blame
Jan_12_2013_21:52:56SketchCowI've cooked up a plan, working it out with alard.
Jan_12_2013_21:53:01SketchCowHere's the plan.
Jan_12_2013_21:53:13SketchCowBookmarket, like the JSTOR downloader. You run it, and it downloads one document.
Jan_12_2013_21:53:23SketchCowYou write something about aaron when you do it.
Jan_12_2013_21:53:38SketchCowAnd so it gets uploaded, with your memorial.
Jan_12_2013_21:53:43SketchCowThen everyone commits a felony
Jan_12_2013_21:53:47SketchCowAnd says their peace.
Jan_12_2013_22:02:14dashcloudSketchCow: if the goal is to download everything, can't we just have something that would take a group of people months to complete (i.e, low profile enough to avoid detection until the end?)
Jan_12_2013_22:06:15alardOne document seems like a nice idea. So people can also leave their name and a message?
Jan_12_2013_22:06:37alard(They'll still have to install the bookmarklet, even if there's only one document.)
Jan_12_2013_22:28:06balrog_alard: I'd like to see something I mentioned above to be done
Jan_12_2013_22:28:15balrog_basically like RECAP but for more than just PACER
Jan_12_2013_22:42:24balrog_it bothers me greatly when PDFs (and content in general) that I browsed when doing research even recently goes dark
Jan_12_2013_22:42:28SketchCowdashcloud: goal is not torape jstor todeath
Jan_12_2013_22:42:43SketchCowsorry, ipad
Jan_12_2013_22:43:04balrog_often a lot of the older stuff is on very sketchy sites to begin with :/
Jan_12_2013_22:43:40balrog_look at chip datasheets for example...
Jan_12_2013_22:48:17philpemyeah, the EAB archive is one such site
Jan_12_2013_22:48:39philpembloody huge collection of databooks and so on, sitting behind someone's cable modem.
Jan_12_2013_22:48:54philpemif I had the details of the guy who ran it, I'd offer to send hima a
Jan_12_2013_22:49:09philpem*him a Peli hardcase and a bunch of hard drives in exchange for a copy.
Jan_12_2013_22:49:35SketchCown 20
Jan_12_2013_22:51:31SketchCowOK, so, this is what I would like.
Jan_12_2013_22:51:53SketchCow1. JSTOR bookmarklet. You add it, click it, and it downloads the article, asking you for a message about aaron.
Jan_12_2013_22:52:19SketchCow2. If someone has a virtual instance alard can use, I'd like you to coordinate with him. He has a lot done.
Jan_12_2013_22:52:52SketchCow3. When the bookmarklet is used again, banner thanking people, and then a link to the Wikipedia article on Aaron.
Jan_12_2013_22:52:57SketchCowMake sense?
Jan_12_2013_22:58:34faultI've got some server capacity that can be used
Jan_12_2013_23:01:07faultSend me a message if you need somewhere to dump it, I can set up nginx/cgi, whatever stack you need
Jan_12_2013_23:05:03alardActually, it's almost bedtime for me. I have little time tomorrow. So if there's anyone who wants to take over, please do.
Jan_12_2013_23:05:13alardI've done the following so far:
Jan_12_2013_23:06:22alardThere's a bookmarklet that does a form POST with the PDF and the message to a script somewhere. What's needed is a server-side thing that receives the POST data, stores it and adds it to the memorial page.
Jan_12_2013_23:10:45chronomexthis seems like a fit for
Jan_12_2013_23:13:04SketchCowWho can take over?
Jan_12_2013_23:53:15Nemo_bisSome warrior instances getting killed for not enough memory.
Jan_12_2013_23:54:10Nemo_bisAh, looks like I lost a user of which I downloaded some 10-15 GiB.